Rocket Science For Leaders with Erie Chapman

Episode 5 - Leaders Determine Cultures

April 5, 2019

Using John F. Kennedy’s inspirational vision to land on the moon, Mr. Chapman addresses the power of leaders to change culture & trigger energy that takes us to other orbits. What happened when a CEO had a whiskey-laden drink cart rolled through the hospital cafeteria each month to service hospital board members? This podcast expands on Mr. Chapman’s contention that culture determines behavior & leaders determine culture. Why is culture crucial? How do leaders generate change? What is the role of story-telling in culture change? Hiring, promoting, rewarding & training for a Servants Heart. Listen to neuro-intensive nurse Deadre Hall, R.N. talk about how her work is a calling, not a job, & how her compassion enables her to give better care. How does the process of Idea, Action & Reflection help learning?

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